Project Life: Week One

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Well week one was a success! I got both my title page, and first layout complete! I am really happy with how it's looking so far, and yes i know that it's only 3 pages, but it's all flowing for now, so i'm excited to see what more pages will look like!
Here are some more pictures of my title page, they're a little clearer then the instagram one,

And here's the layout for the first week:

Here's what i included this week: a picture of me with the box, one was taken on photobooth on my mac, and i also decided to include the original instax as well, i just used some washi tape and colored cardstock. I included a portrait of me, i'm hoping to have one every week. I printed off my One Little Word, and used one of the 6x4 journalers to explain why i chose that word. I also got a wave of inspiration this week on the design side, so i wraped up my year on a 6x8 size document, i will share more on that later, and stuck it in there as well. I'm really happy i included that because i'm sure it will be something i will enjoy years from now. I also stuck a movie ticket in there from a movie me and Erinn saw earlier in the week.
Something else i love from this week is my Dear Me letter. It's a letter i wrote to myself a year from now, and some things i wish to accomplish a year from now. 

As for journaling i kept it simple, i wrote whatever came to mind, and used the pictures to explain what was happening. I like the free flow from it, as well as the fact that it's my handwriting, not typed. 

So thats a wrap on week one! Hoping to get week two done this saturday as well!

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  1. I love your title page! The thing I like is that you're in the same boat as me, I don't have my own personal family and children but I still enjoy doing this for myself when later when I finally do! Love the page. I'll def be back to check out your PL!!