Project Life: Week 1

8:41 PM MeganKP 2 Comments

Here is Project life week 1:

So I decided to change my format. I was struggling with the 8.5x11 size. Nothing was fitting properly, nothing looked right, and I was already resenting the project. HUGE FAIL. So I switched it up. I am now doing a 12x12 album, I got all the templates from Becky's site, and made them my own in InDesign. Then I placed all my pictures and journaling, and VOILA! Week One-out the window.

Spread One:

Spread Two:

What happened this week:

  • Went to Banff for the weekend with Nevan, where we took photos (of course!) and went snow tubing, on a gondola ride, and visited the Hot Springs. 
  • Made some new years resolutions, or goals, or things I want to do more of really, and less eating. 
And that's about it. Banff was the highlight, and without it this week would have been basically nothing. I am already enjoying the digital side of this, being able to make whatever elements I want, and arrange and rearrange, and type everything and make it pretty! I think I'm going to like this project a lot this year. 


  1. Great pages! I love that quote on the left hand side. Digital is just the best!

  2. I am glad you were able to make PL work for you, you take such gorgeous photos it would be a shame if you quit such a great way to use them. My resolutions are basically the same as yours, totally applicable for me too.