Project Life Week 4

4:46 PM MeganKP 6 Comments

Project Life week 4 complete! I am finding it really easy this year to get the spreads done, and quickly. I edit all my photos and convert them to CMYK and 300dpi for printing purposes, and then just drag and drop them all in the template. Then I add text and embellishments etc. It is SO EASY! I don't have to worry about printing, and then cutting and assembling, once it's done it's done! I love not having to spend so much time on this anymore, but still get the same result!

Full Spread:

Spread 1:

Spread 2:

Here's what happened this week:

  • I know the photo of my mouth is a little obnoxious, but it was a big deal. After dealing with over 6 months of dentist appointments, my root canal is finally finished! And I can have a normal smile again!
  • I also got a haircut this week! Hence the 4 photos of me in a row! 
  • Me and Nevan celebrated our 1-year on thursday the 24th, we went out for dinner and just spent time together. 
  • Also included is the song I am loving right now, "Some Nights" by Fun. 
I would love to see other project life pages! So please share a link if you can!


  1. Your teeth look lovely. I have an appointment next week with the dentist and I'm just a tad terrified.
    Love the photo strip of you and your honey. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Your teeth are sooo clean! I think it is so cool that you are doing this while in college. I would have LOVED to do a project like this with all the photos I was taking back then. Great layout.

  3. Your pages are so cute! I agree with Margie - you are going to be so happy that you are capturing the everyday stuff now. I barely remember my college days and wish I had taken more photos :)

  4. I love your pages - so refreshing and clean. Thank you for stopping by my site and saying hello. Although, I'm a digi scrapper as well - I haven't completed a PL page in a long while. My goal for 2013 is to complete monthly pages and I'm working on January now.
    Congrats on your anniversary!

  5. What a sweet and happy PL spread! I like your nice clean layout as well. You worried it was obnoxious, but I think it's awesome that you included the photo of your teeth - I'm on year 4 of PL but this is my 1st year posting online, and it certainly is weird taking this document that is essentially my journal, and in which I want to record all the things that are meaningful to *me*, and then having to think about it also having an audience of strangers.

    I love that Fun album, as well! I can listen to it on repeat for a long, long time :)