Happy Earth Day!

Made a card for my project life album this week, in honour of Earth Day! And its a freebie, so you can add your one to your own project! Link is at the bottom.

Download your copy here!

Project Life Week 9

Welcome to Project Life Week 9!

Not a lot happened this week, and when I was going through my photos I didn't think I would have enough for a 2 page spread. When I opened my file, I had already filled in 5 spots last week as I finished up week 8, I was really grateful for that, and I would have forgotten to include those items if they weren't already there.

 Here's What Happened this week:

  • Stayed up late Saturday night to finish a school project that was over due! Oops!
  • Booked my flight to brazil! It feels so much more real now that its booked.
  • Made some business cards for myself
  • Signed up for the colour me rad run a couple weeks ago and forgot to include it, but better late then never! 
  • And also started another book, "The Storyteller" by Jodi Picoult, it was amazing, I would recommend anyone read it!

Project Life Week 8

Another week crossed of the list!

Full Spread:

Left Side:

Right Side:

Here's what happened this week:
  • Had alot of projects and midterms this week! So thankfully we had a big weekend to make up for the lack of photos during the week!
  • My new cousin Olivia came into town, and we finally got to meet her! Took lots of pictures that night! 

Project Life Week 7

Welcome to another edition of Project Life!

Full Spread:

Left Side:

Right Side:

Here's what happened this week:
  • Not sure if this was this week, or last week, but I had room to fit it in this week, the Pope announced his retirement, It was a big announcement so I think it's nice to include and look back on in the future. I got the Pope freebie  here
  • Got a job at target! Wohoo, cannot wait for the opening!
  • Went to a Hockey game with Nevan!
  • And watched the Oscars sunday night, when I won our family pool! I am always in last, so this year was a nice treat!

Project Life Weeks 5-6

Welcome to project life weeks 5&6! I got a little behind, but I am now all caught up, and that's all thanks to digital! If this was paper, I would definitely still be behind! I am loving going digital more and more every week. 

Some things I changed recently: I added a white boarder around each photo, I think it's a little cleaner this way, and a little more cohesive. See my previous posts to see how I did it before. I have now changed those layouts in my book, to keep it all consistent! 

*** Also Disclaimer, the spread below shows the Canadian flag as a marijuana leaf, I in no way endorse this, or take part in those kinds of activities, one of my favorite singers just so happens to sing about it a lot and included it in his concert, and that's the only picture I have with his name and the stage.***

Here's the spread: 

And Individual pages:

 And Week 6 Spread:

And individual pages:

 Here's what happened:

  • Went to chapters for research: the best kind of research: DESIGN! I had to get some inspiration for both my magazine assignment and book assignment! 
  • The Eric Church concert was the highlight of the week basically!
  • The next week was valentines day
  • Also the canadian government discontinued the penny! 
  • I created a new logo for myself
  • And one of my favorite pictures: Calgary at night, from the space station! Seriously how cool! (I got that pic from twitter, I am following Commander Hadfield, who is a Canadian astronaut on the space station right now, and he posts some really cool stuff! If you would like to follow him CLICK HERE!)

Quote of the Week #3

Heard this on The Biggest Looser last week, and it's really stuck with me:

What I Love... February Edition

Welcome to What I love, February Edition! This is just a collection of some things mostly from pinterest, that i'm loving right now! Links are on the bottom.

  1. Framed Quotes on the wall: Love this idea, and I can't wait until I get my own home to do that!
  2. Fossil Wallet: Really want this for my birthday!
  3. Fossil Purse: Also really want this for my birthday!!
  4. Free printables! Love the colours too!
  5. Trend Font: Downloaded it for a project this week, its on sale until the 18th! Only $20 for the family, it is a steal!
  6. Gorgeous Raincoat! I will never be able to buy this, but its pretty to look at!
  7. I Whaley Love You! Valentine card, so cute!