Project Life Week 9

12:22 PM MeganKP 0 Comments

Welcome to Project Life Week 9!

Not a lot happened this week, and when I was going through my photos I didn't think I would have enough for a 2 page spread. When I opened my file, I had already filled in 5 spots last week as I finished up week 8, I was really grateful for that, and I would have forgotten to include those items if they weren't already there.

 Here's What Happened this week:

  • Stayed up late Saturday night to finish a school project that was over due! Oops!
  • Booked my flight to brazil! It feels so much more real now that its booked.
  • Made some business cards for myself
  • Signed up for the colour me rad run a couple weeks ago and forgot to include it, but better late then never! 
  • And also started another book, "The Storyteller" by Jodi Picoult, it was amazing, I would recommend anyone read it!