Project Life 2013

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I am still working on finishing up 2012's project life! I have a couple weeks left to do, but i'm not to worried about it at the moment. I am not going to worry about finishing them at all actually, I am happy with what i've recorded for 2012, and I am ready and excited to move onto 2013.

This year I decided to try a digital version of project life. About a month ago I ordered my first Blurb book for our Florida trip in the summer. I am over the moon with the quality, the process and the end result. Just ask my sister, when I recieved the book in the mail, I could not stop looking at it. I think I showed everyone I could, I probobly would have even shown it to people on the street if I could.

I created the book in InDesign, Blurb has a plugin you can use. I prefer this way because then I have full control over the design. Blurb also has tons of templates, and a software free to download to make it super easy for you to create a book to!

Here is my "first page" for project life 2013. I'm not sure if i'm 100% happy, and it could change in a couple months, or closer to when I want to print the book, so we'll see what happens.

I downloaded the seafoam edition from the AC Digitals site. You can download it here.

I decided to go with an 8.5x11 size, I like the smaller version, it's something different then last year, and most importantly: It's cheaper to print!

I am not worried about finishing a spread once a week. I am going to record what I can, when I can. Last year I found that this approach alleviated  some of the pressure, and stress to get it done every week. With school and work on top of this project, I just need it to be as easy as possible!!

I've been really inspired by some other fellow project lifers, I love their approach, photos, simplicity, etc. And I really hope to use some of their techniques or ideas this year too!

  • Elise Blaha Cripe: the deisgner of the seafoam edition! I have been a follower of her blog for about 2 years now and love her style, and her spreads every week!
  • Liz Tamanaha: Designer of the midnight edition! I love her simplicity, and minimalist mindset! I really hope to embrace the minimalism this year! I think her spreads are classic, simple and timeless. 
  • Stephanie Baxter: I recently found her blog through pinterest and I am loving her style. She doesn't have kids like me, so It's refreshing to see her layouts from a single perspective!