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Source: Unknown, please let me know if you do!

Time: 11:33
Location: School
Weather: -3 and cloudy
Eating: pepperoni sandwich and an apple
Drinking: Lemon water
Wearing: Jeans, cowboy boots, and stripped sweater
Feeling: Anxious, tired and hungry
Needing: a day to sleep in, and for time to go by a little faster
Thinking: about wanting to skip class, and about plans for the weekend
Enjoying: Eric Church on my iphone
Wondering: if Biancha's okay after hearing about the break in.

Something i've been thinking about this week is the TYPO conference in San Francisco. Got an e-mail the other day with some of the speakers, and it looks like an amazing opportunity to go! Erik Speikerman is giving a presentation and we learned all about him in my typography class last semester. I'm just sitting here wishing i could go to something like that. But it's in April, and i'm still in class...


  1. oh, how I remember those days of skipping class. unfortunately I did skip but better for you that you stay and learn! ha. loving your currents. :)

  2. very cool blog! got here via Tina.
    love your currents :)