Project Life: Week Two

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Well i can't believe that i am staying on top of this project so well! I am finding out though that i am mentally and physically taking note of pictures i've taken through the week, and what i want to include in my album for that week. Which makes it easier at the end of the week when i print my photos, and put it all together. 

What did i include this week? My scheduale for the winter semester, picture from the weekend, after going out with friends, new nail color, coffee on saturday morning, new songs on the ipod, my currently blog post, with the picture i paired with it, a quote that i'm loving right now as well as an explanation for it, and a tag from some new mitts i got for christmas!

I love this spread, and i was a little concerned about this week. Last week was EASY, there was a lot i could include, and i had lots of ideas. But this week i had no plan, and i had to make a conscious effort to figure out what i could include. And it was easier then i thought it would be! 

I am loving Elise and Kelly's albums. They look great, and are giving me some ideas about what i can put in my album! I want to remember what Kelly did with hers, and how she included some labels directly on the photos for a quick explanation about what the photo is about. I am hoping to do that next week!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for including me on your blog roll! Your pages look great-so fun to see Project Life from a student's perspective. Wish I had something like this from that time in my life!