One Little Word 2012

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In previous years I haven't really done a lot about my word for the year. I have usually chosen one for the year, and I hold it close to me, and it has been really personal. For example, for the past couple years it has been strength, and although i will always remember that word, and keep it close to me, i am embarking on a new word this year, and that's going to be,

I chose this word because i am attempting Project Life 2012 this year. There are some big events coming up, and big decisions which will change my life forever, (you're going to have to wait for the announcement on that!). So what better year to focus on recording then 2012? Especially since the world is ending in December anyway! Hah! Do you believe that? I have to say i kind of do, for no particular reason!

Anyway, last year i attempted to make a monthly album, and i am proud to say it is almost completed, so this year i'm going to try and record in weekly spreads. Not so much focusing on daily photos, but looking at the week as a whole instead.

Look for more posts regarding Project Life soon! Are you doing one little word this year? What's yours?

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  1. what a great word for 2012! kudos to you for participating in 'project life'! it is going to be a wonderful record of the year!