Since My Birthday....

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I was so inspired by Elise Blaha's post today, which you can see here. She is seriously one of my favorite bloggers, i love reading her posts everyday, and learning from her creativity and small business is so inspiring.
So anyway i decided to do mine since my birthday, because that's when i made my 19 at 19 list, which you can see fully in the top banner. But thinking back 6 months, i have come to realize how much i have truly changed, even in the smallest ways, in some cases in huge ways. And it's actually comforting to me to know that i am still evolving, and i'm not stuck in my ways, which is what i though six months ago.
So, since my birthday i have....

Decided to stop dreaming about my life and actually live it.
to step out of my comfort zone more often.
learned that stepping out of my comfort zone brings so many new experiences and possibilities.
completed 4 of the 19 things on my list, and planning to complete a lot more over winter break.
become excited about school again.
and hated school all at the same time.
put my dream of a small shop into action.
learned more about myself then ever before.
have come to accept myself, and who i am then ever before.
fallen in love with cooking.
made it out of the country for the first time in 9 years.
had an amazing vacation with a best friend.
taken thousands of photos.
had days where i could care less about anything other then relaxing.
had days where i thought i would never be able to relax again.
become more compassionate for other people and their problems.
And above all else, realized that people can change in even in such a short amount of time.

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