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Welcome to my new home!! I would just like to thank Joy Kelley of HowJoyfulDesign for this fabulous template for my new blog! I love the way it turned out with the banner i made, and the buttons i decided to add.

I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to make the stupid buttons, but after many google searches, and so many tests, i finally got it to work!

I am hoping to do some more regular posting on here, i'm doing a lot of brainstorming for some regular topics.

This is a picture of Me, my sister, and some of our work friends. We were attending Market Collective, which is a monthly Craft fair composed of local artists selling their handmande goods, or vintage items, etc.  They always have a fun photo-booth set up too!

Welcome to the new blog, i hope you decide to stay a little while!


  1. Your new template looks very nice! It's very clean, which is what I like. :) I'm not so much into distractions. I'm glad you were able to figure things out! I, too, just got a new template. Mine is from "Pugley Pixel," and she has an awesome video tutorial. I learned how to make icons and links and all that, which was certainly helpful. I'm so happy I know how to do that now, and I'm sure you feel the same way!

    Anyway, I found you through "Busy Bee Lauren." I hope things go well for you and you find interesting things to share. You may want to start your own meme? Like, maybe on a Tuesday (you could be the first one with a Tuesday or Thursday meme) share inspiration or awesome food you made or share a review or something. I'm sure you'll find something; there is an infinite number of ideas!!

  2. Okay, so I already commented here, but I wanted to come back and thank you for your kind words. It is always nice when someone visits and leaves a thoughtful response.

    I read your "19 at 19" post. I thought you had some excellent things on there! I know that my mom really wants to get to Disneyworld and see the Harry Potter section. I have to make sure I fit that in soon. Good luck with doing something that scares you!!

    Have you thought of things that may help you with your regular postings yet?

  3. I love your new template!!! It's so clean and girly at the same time.

    Belly B :)