Cooking classes

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So at the beginning of the semester I was accepted into a FREE cooking class called Start from Scratch. 100 students applied and only 30 of us got in, i was more then excited that i was accepted! 
I have always known how to cook, but i've never been good at it. Something always seems to go wrong, and mess it up, and in order for a dish to turn out right i need someone there helping me. 
But because of this class i've become a lot more comfortable in the kitchen, and a lot more comfortable trying new things and experimenting. 

We've had a lot of different guests from different resturaunts around the city, each one teaching us some new skills or giving us some new ideas. Needless to say i look forward to going to class every week, and i enjoy cooking 100 times more then i did in the past! Here are some things i have made in both class, and at home:

a. pesto on tortellini b. Quiche with goat cheese and spinach c. bison tar-tar d. raspberry and lemon muffins e.trout, potatoes, and kale f. cheese gnocchi, homemade sausage and grilled kale.
And i usually tweet about our classes and share pictures of what we've made on twitter if you'd like to follow me theres a link on the side bar over there: or you can just click here: