1:24 PM MeganKP 0 Comments

Digging: Grey's Anatomy [re-watching all the seasons right now in all my spare time!]

Drinking: Water

Eating: Crackers and an orange.

Listening: to my new country playlist, consisting of a lof of Dixie Chicks

Wearing: red pants, boots and a dirty shirt.....whoops!

Reading: The Paper Boy, but considering not finishing it anymore.

Feeling: Frustrated, stressed and un-inspired

Weather: snow, snow, snow, and cold, really really cold!

Wanting:to take a vacation and drop our of school

Needing: more money

Wishing: I had more time

Thinking: About everything I need to accomplish.

Enjoying: Grey's Anatomy...... Seriously people I am obsessed.

Loving: Nevan and the support he's been giving me lately.