Happy Happy Girl!

1:12 PM MeganKP 0 Comments

I have had the same MacBook since my grade 11 year, so that's about 5 years now. I have consistently been running out of memory for the past 2 years, and this weekend I got yet another pop-up that I was running out of start-up space.

This is a huge problem for me because the Adobe programs I run need a lot of memory in order to run properly, and when they don't have enough they crash. So finally I decided to re-search some options and get this fixed once and for all.

So I went to a trusty Mac store and $400 later I now have 4 times the amount of memory I had before, and I AM SO HAPPY!

I cannot even tell you how much easier my life is now that my computer is running in tip-top shape!

I no longer dread opening up my computer, and working on projects. I am now excited again because it is so FAST!

Anyway, this was probably a big highlight of my weekend!

See look, 500GB of space now! Woohoo!