Plans for december

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Only 2 more weeks of school! I cannot tell you how excited i am to be finished this semester!
And because i'll have just under a month off until i start my winter semester, i plan to complete a couple of projects over my break.

Project One: Make a Quilt
This is something i have wanted to do ever since Elise poster her first quilt about a year ago. She's given me a lot of inspiration to do one, and i've also gotten a lot of inspiration from Pinterest as well.

Project Two: Learn Calligraphy 
I have swooned of numbers of invitations on pinterest, and i want to practice and learn it myself!

Project Three: Finish Portfolio for school. 
I have an internship coming up this spring, and since i will have some extra time, i want to get my portfolio in order so i don't have to worry about it when my interviews start coming up.

Project Four: Make some t-shirts.
I made my first one back in July, for the Harry Potter première, and i've been wanting to make some for my favorite bands. Every concert i go to there always too expensive, and this way i have control of the design! I'm hoping to try out this tutorial.

Project Five: Make some mini calendars.
I've been planning to do this for the past 5 years, and still haven't done it. I'm hoping to incorporate some instagrams, and some other favorite photos of mine.

I will be updating as i go, and i will post all my completed projects! I'm so excited to be done school, and to work on some things for myself!

All Photos are from Pinterest, on my DIY board here.